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430 / 430F (1.4016 / 1.4104)

430 grade which is a Ferritic type of stainless steel, is a low carbon and low chromium stainless steel. The 430 grade materials have much lower prices due to the exclusion of molybdenum and nickel in its chemical composition. However its corrosion resistance is not strong as the 300 series grades. It attracts magnet because it has no nickel in it. 430 grade stainless steels have limited weldability, but they give good surface appearances in their applications.

The 430F grade shows many similarities with the 430 grade. It has additional sulfur compared to 430, which leads to a better machinability. However the sulfur inclusion slightly decreases the material’s already average corrosion resistance.

Rating of Grade Properties

Note: Rating is done over 5 points.

430 (1.4016)

430F (1.4104)


430 (1.4016)

Decorative surfaces, automotive industry, home appliances, white goods and kitchen utensils.

430F (1.4104)

Machine industry, transportation, electronic equipments, food processing, decorative surfaces.

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