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Managing Director's Message

Dear business partners, friends and colleagues,

Gokturkler Celik that has focused on stainless and special steels since the 90’s, is now a leading company in the stainless steel industry. Gokturkler name has become a trademark in stainless steel long products in Europe and Middle East. Our main products include stainless steel rounds, squares, hexagons, flat bars, angles and wires.

We conduct Brinell and Rockwell hardness, ultrasonic and straightness tests on materials in our own facilities. Our quality team advises and offers solutions for various applications. Thus, I am proud to say that Gokturkler is a distinguished supplier that gives customers technical consultancy for all stainless steel related issues.

We supply stainless steels to various industries such as home appliance, kitchenware, food, chemistry, medical, automotive, manufacturing, marine and energy. As we have expanded our reach, we have succeeded in becoming the major supplier in many of these served industries.

Gokturkler is known to lower the global prices to reasonable levels with its purchasing power and reflect this advantage to the end users. Our team provides non-standard grade or sized materials for various applications. Hence, we are able to improve the competitiveness of our customers.

We observed that the main problem in the stainless steel industry was related to the overall quality of the materials used. Our emphasis on the service and the product quality has been a direct result of this culture in the sector.

A person who aims a career in Gokturkler Celik, has to be fully aware of the production process of each customer. Helping customers choose the right material and working on improving their end results is a must. Therefore, improving ourselves and our materials will always be the most important aspect of Gokturkler.

Many companies only trade standard commercial materials. Gokturkler has been working with custom specifications prepared by its team of engineers for years. Compared to other standard stainless steel materials in the market, Gokturkler Celik products are superior in terms of corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.

We are a service center that has taken full responsibility in auditing its suppliers. Our quality assurance team visits, inspects and gives the necessary feedback to our partner mills all around the world.

Despite our regular focus on domestic sales, we have benefited from our increasing exports operations in the previous years. We appeal to the end users in Europe who demand special grades and requirements with a customized stock. The share of international markets among our overall sales has been increasing rapidly and we observe the positive effects in Gokturkler’s overall business strategy.

We aim to enhance the export sales to the level of our domestic sales in the near future. Our plan is to set up sales offices and warehouses in targeted countries.

Lastly, I would like to thank each and every one of my colleagues for their valuable contributions. Their work ethic and professionalism is what makes Gokturkler unique.

We thank all our business partners and friends for their trust and support. The core of our business is making sure that they continue to be competitive and successful in their own fields.

Steel is our passion and we will continue to be among the leaders of the Turkish stainless steel industry.

Burak Göktürk
Managing Director

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